Tuesday, 4 October 2016

Hmmm! Zambian Pastor Turns Water Into Kerosene During Church Service.

Many people have been left  in shock after a popular Zambian pastor, Andrew CFM allegedly turned water into kerosene at the last church service. The pastor popularly called Seer 1 had asked the congregation
members to come with a bottle of water as he was about turning it into wine, kerosene and even petrol. 
See what happened at the video, below the story...
He began by praying at the three water bottles allegedly filled with water to turn into kerosene. Lo and behold, he picked up one of the bottles and poured it at a folded paper before lighting it. Before long, the congregation members started cheering his name.
The dramatized miracle has been lambasted as too fake and cheap. Many people argued that no one knew the contents of what he said was in the bottle water before he allegedly turned it into kerosene. In fact, many believe he had kerosene in the bottles of water before trying to confuse his gullible congregation members that he had turned water into wine. Many have also argued why he didn't use the bottles of water the congregation members had in their hands for his miracles instead of the ones he staged.
The incident has caused huge online debate whether pastor should be allowed to be doing such a public show in front of their church members.
"Wonders shall never end ooh.. My people perish for lack of knowledge! Question is what was the miracle for? For self glory or to glorify God? God help us." someone asked
"All the miracles that Jesus performed there was a need for it. Eg turning water into wine,at the wedding they had run out of wine.one thing you must know is that a miracle brings glory to God and there is a need for it,not for a show, while us magic glorifies the one who has performed it and its for a show ,if you listen carefully they where praising the seer 1 not God .what was the purpose of turning water into paraffin? Be careful." another added.
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