Friday, 7 October 2016

Mr Peter Obi Advices Nigeria on reckless spending

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The former Governor of Anambra State, Mr. Peter Gregory Obi, who spoke very well on Radio Nigeria today about the poor situation of the country. he had recently discovered some little problems nigerians are
facing right now. but glory be to God he had realized the solution to it.

He said a lot of issues about the challenges nigerians are facing today. explaining certain things nigerians should do to stop hunger and hardship.

Firstly, He talked about the Presidential convoys and like wise to the governors as well, Obi made it clear to people that its a huge waste of money that can be used to feed nigerians and  provide for theirs needs. he said it should be reduced.
Secondly, Obi never wanted to proffer solutions to the Federal Government. He actually said in his speech he would concentrate on only how state governments could turn around the fortunes of their states with reducing reckless spending.

Thirdly, Obi gave practical steps of how he achieved results in his state. He was not giving examples from Singapore or India. He was using local examples that worked in Nigeria.

Lastly, the example he gave about what the office of the First Lady of various states expends is a plus-minus situation; the average may not be too far from his estimate.
If states are able to curtail wastage and be prudent with resources, we will have a better country. Rather than try to pick holes in Obi’s speech, we should commend a decent job done. I have yet to hear anybody from Anambra State disprove what the former governor claimed to have done.

In conclusion, I also feel Abimbola did not show enough respect to those who attended the meeting by calling them a crowd of over-excited youths. Voting Muhammadu Buhari was a demonstration of taking back their country and they will consolidate on that by using their PVCs again in the next election by probably voting in a Peter Obi if he so chooses to run.

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