Tuesday, 1 November 2016

All it takes its here as Linda ikeji launches Social Network, LIS [Lindaikejisocial]

 The queen of blogging today launches another initiative called Linda Ikeji Social which is a website that combines blogging and social networking with electronic commerce. Basically, Linda Ikeji is trying to put
together her blog is a fusion of what is similar to Facebook and OLX.

Speaking on the birth of the new platform:

“Sometime in April this year, I went out somewhere and I met two ladies who approached me, they are big fans of the blog. While we were chatting, they told me that they only visited two websites. My blog and Facebook.

I wondered later on, if these women were given a choice to choose between my site or Facebook, which one would it be? I kept wondering, and the idea came to me, and I was like, why can’t I have a website that is a combination of both blogging and social networking.”


LIS is a platform where users can “make friends, be the first to know when things happen, have fun, and get awesome rewards.” To join this community, users can either create a free account or sign up using their Facebook accounts.

One of the major USPs is that you can make money off the website either via selling authentic and original stories (You would be awarded N1,000 for each story). Through your pages — those with a large following (At least 50,000 followers) on LIS would be awarded 25% of the ad revenue, and finally, Giveaways!

The cash you get will be stored in your wallet, right on the platform.

6 months after conceiving the idea...Linda Ikeji Social is here! It's social networking meets blogging meets classifies ads/buy and sell all in one package.

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