Thursday, 17 November 2016

Donald Trump to start Presidency 'WITHOUT Air Force One' because of 'SAFETY RISK'

The Air Force One Boeing 747-200, which has been used to carry the President of the United States for the last 70 years, is reaching the its life expectancy next year, but the White House is yet to find replacements.

Although the jets can and have been driven safely in their old ages before - which is usually after 30 years. the US Air Force do not want to "take chances" with the President's safety.
Kevin Buckley, program executive officer of mobility programs at the US Air Force, said: “We grit our teeth and bear it in the US Air Force.”
The individual aircraft, which has a range of features including an airborne command post, communications gear and defensive equipment such as anti-aircraft missiles, costs almost £300million each.
But according to an Air Force officer, the US Air Force has budgeted £1.3billion from 2015 to 2019 for the new Air Force One planes.

Buckley added: “It's really not just about getting the president from point A to B.
"The planes are modified to be able to function even in a nuclear war."
Richard Aboulafia, a senior aviation analysis at the Teal group in Virginia, said: “Even with the current replacement programme, the existing aircraft will get to be around 35 years old, which is up there in jetliner years.
"The real challenge is forcing us to buy newer aircraft for the president is to overcome the fact that there are heroics going on every day to keep the current aircraft flying and it's becoming way too expensive and way too difficult to do that."

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