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Coronation Foiled, ‘Crowned Prince’ held Hostage, Journalists, others Detained

By Ify David
Awka-etiti: It was another trouble in Awka-Etiti in Idemili South Local Government Area of Anambra State of Nigeria on Saturday 5th November 2016.

It was the day the 'Crowned Prince' of Awka-etiti, Angus Chuma Ojukwu Alias Agujiugo 1 of Awka-etiti had planned and prepared for his coronation as the Igwe of Awka-etiti

The day was very bright and would have been the greatest day in the life of this young Igwe hopeful but for the galaxy of armed policemen and security operatives who had placed surveillance around the Palace of the former Igwe of Awka-etiti Igwe Joachim Okwudili Ojukwu [Igwe Akum 1] the former Obi of Awka-etiti The former Igwe was the biological father of Angus Ojukwu who called himself ‘Crowned Prince’.

The policemen and the security operatives surrounded the palace in wait for any person who would come to the palace for one assignment or the other.

At first instance, the assignments of the policemen and the vigilante operatives would have been to ensure the security of lives and property through-out the coronation, but Saturday’s function appeared to be a shift away from that.

Every passer-by was stopped and interrogated probably to ascertain the particular role they had come to play. With guns battle-ready and hand-cuffs in wait for their targets it was obvious that this galaxy of security operatives were not kidding. was alighting from a bike, oblivious of the situation in Awka-etiti, and had a first-hand report of some of the happenings around the former Igwe J.O. Ojukwu’s Palace. When the journalists who were at the palace were detained and interrogated for about an hour it was obvious that there was indeed trouble in Awka-etiti.

Yet, the indigenes and the residents in Awka-etiti were not in any way disturbed, neither were they perturbed at the happenings in the former Igwe’s Palace, which was a proof that there were relative peace in Awka-etiti , except in the palace of the former Igwe.

Driven by curiosity went to the house of the President-General of Awka-etiti Union Mr. John Unachukwu for an exclusive interview on the happenings around the Palace of their former Igwe.

Speaking to, Mr. John Unachukwu said without mincing words that the ‘so-called crowned prince’ had been a thorn in the flesh of Awka-etiti.

Mr Unachukwu explained that in the first place, Awka-etiti was not running a monarch system of Igweship, so the issue of crowning somebody a prince should not even arise.

He also explained that the first Igwe of Awka-etiti was Igwe Silas O. Ezenwa who was crowned in 1957, and that prior to that, Awka-etiti had been ruled by Warrant Chiefs

The President-General further explained that because of series of crises that had rocked Awka-etiti in the past, the entire seven villages came together and unanimously agreed on a rotational system of Igweship.

Mr. Unachukwu also said that the seven villages that make up Awka-etiti agreed to the amendment of their constitution to that effect, to which the biological father of the ‘Crowned Prince’ was privy to.

The President-General further explicated that it was the amended constitution that gave rise to the emergence of Igwe Joachim Okwudili Ojukwu in an election which saw him defeat the other contenders to the throne.

The seven villages according to Mr. Unachukwu are Nkolofia, Nneaba, Umunocha, Ejiyinandu, Iruowelle, Umudunu and Ogunzere.

He also noted that Nkolofia where the ‘Crowned Prince’ comes fro had produced the second igwe who happened to be his biological father.

‘Therefore, it is the turn of Nneaba to produce the next Igwe that is what is stated in the constitution and nobody can change it.

‘If we were operating a monarch system, then the first son of Igwe Silas Ezenwa would have succeeded his father and not Igwe Joachim Ojukwu. But the Igweship is rotational.

‘We conducted an election in which Engr Michael Chidozie Ezeudenna had a landslide victory. It was just a few days ago that he was given certificate by the Governor, Chief Willie Obiano [Akpokuodike Global].

‘We are seriously pained at the attitude of this boy who has been trying to destabilize our town once again.

‘It is indeed very sad that the peace accord which took us over twenty years is now being threatened by one of us

‘Notwithstanding the fact that we have peace in Awka-etiti but the closeness is not yet there’, he lamented.

Asked whether he had made some efforts to bring the ‘Crowned Prince’ to a roundtable, Mr. Unachukwu regretted that all the efforts they had made to bring Angus Ojukwu to the reality of the position of Awka-etiti concerning the Igweship have proved abortive.

He also said that Angus had not only boycotted all the meetings, but had also placed a ban on any member of Ojukwu family, including his mother, who would attend such meetings

Mr Unachukwu also dismissed any insinuation of political undertone in the stance of the ‘Crowned Prince’, stating that nobody in his right senses would politicize with such a sensitive issue in Awka-etiti.

‘If you will feel the pulse of the average Awka-etiti man, you will know that he is yearning not only for peace, but also for closeness and friendship and brotherliness among one another.

‘That was why everybody here frowned seriously when he went on air and announced his coronation. When we heard the announcement, we called the Ezeani whose responsibility was to coronate kings in Awka-etiti and they dissociated themselves from such announcement. They even published their position in the whole scenario.

The President-General further showed to, the photo-shots of both the publications and the coronation invitation card produced by Angus Ojukwu. ‘If this is not madness, tell me what it is?’ he queried.

At the palace of the newly elected Igwe of Awka-etiti, HRH Igwe Engr. Michael Chidozie Ezeudenna [Igwe Okagbado 1] Obi of Awka-etiti was excited to chat with

Igwe Ezeudenna confirmed everything the President-General had said, and added that he would be glad and would warmly welcome Angus Ojukwu if he would make a u-turn.

Igwe Ezeudenna also stated that what was paramount in his agenda was to see how to make the entire Awka-etiti enjoy closeness and friendship once again, which he believed was the bedrock for their development

The Electrical Engineering graduate of the first indigenous university in Nigeria, the University of Nigeria, Nsukka also said that he had plans to attract the presence both the local and state government for the facilitation of road infrastructural development in Awka-etiti.

‘You can see that our road infrastructure is in deplorable conditions, and it will take huge amount of money to fix. No single person can do it alone.

However, I believe that it is achievable through partnership with the governments. But more importantly is that despite the fact that we enjoy relative peace, yet, the closeness and the friendship which Awka-etiti is known for is still elusive.

‘The pulse of every Awka-etiti indigene is to bring back the closeness and the friendship.  That will be my priority’, he stated.

Getting Angus Ojukwu to talk to was elusive. However, gathered that he was invited to the state CDI in Awka for interrogation, especially as he had hitherto signed an undertaken not to continue to parade himself as a ‘Crowned Prince’ and heir to the throne of Awka-etiti. further went to Ogidi High Court where it was learnt that the ‘Crowned Prince’, so to speak would appear for his case which he had already instituted against Awka-etiti. Still, it was a wild goose chase.

As at the time of filing this report, Angus Ojukwu was still inaccessible.

Meanwhile, the coronation of the Igwe of Awka-etiti according to the information given to by the President-General was on the 23rd of December, 2016.

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  1. Makastic International10 November 2016 at 10:30

    The so called prince maniacally ill. May he needs to go to psychiatrist. He can't draw Awka-Etiti back Or exhume healed wound of Mbaise and Mba2.


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