Friday, 25 November 2016

Little Tips To Stand Out From The 100 Million Blogs On The Web

The only way to make money blogging is by creating an atmosphere where your readers get to know you, like you, and then think you’re an authority worthy of buying from.

But why should you care if people like you?

A few weeks ago, I was given the assignment to write a case study on a certain website.
They’re famous for their sarcasm, irreverent humor, and their teasing. All of their product descriptions are hilarious, and many even poke fun at the products they’re trying to promote.

I read tons of these descriptions before I realized two hours of my life were gone forever. The personality of their site completely sucked me in, and that’s exactly what they count on.

Now, I check back almost every single day, partly to see their products, and partly to read the descriptions and have a good laugh.

In that same spirit, there are a few must-have features to put on your blog to create an atmosphere of community, cooperation, and character.

These following points are all features that I personally use in building my business blog.

Contact Me Form

You’re probably already doing this one – it’s pretty obvious that virtually every site up there has this going for them.


Don’t be one of those lame “I’m definitely a newbie!” people who say “contact me at this email address” at the bottom of their Contact Me page.

I don’t know about you, but I’m MUCH less likely to contact a web owner if I can’t just fill in a quick contact form. I use the WP plugin Fast Secure Contact Form because it’s super easy.

In my experience, this is the most common way for potential clients and business partners contact an online business or web owner, and you can’t afford to miss out on income opportunities.

About Me Page

When I find an enjoyable blog, the About Me page is one of the first places I visit. I like reading people’s stories, and I like to see what their site is all about.

I’m guessing you’ve already slapped up a quick About Me page, but here’s how you’re going to make it better:

1. Don’t start out by talking about you.

Start with something attention grabbing that has to do with your blog’s purpose. Mine starts out like this:

“Whatever your passion or great idea is, I can show you how to get it online and make money.”

It’s simple, right to the point, and immediately grabs my target market by the eyelids and pulls them in.

2. Stick your story in the middle, and use it to reinforce your main points.

Remember, the purpose of your blog is to attract readers, keep them coming back, and eventually makes sales. Your story might bore some people (everyone thinks their own story is WAY more interesting than it really is), so stick that in the middle to reinforce the point of your blog.

A good About Me page creates trust between you and your reader, but also helps drive home the laser-focused objective of your blog.

3. Bring it home with a call to action

What better place on your blog to capture a lead or further your connection than right after you’ve laid out the entire purpose of your blog?

You could ask them to Like your Facebook Page, read more content, or opt-in for more information.

Connect With Me

Simple and to the point: download a plugin that gives you social media icons to put in a widget (I use Social Media Icons Widget. Fill out your links to include Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ as a bare minimum. Hopefully you’ll add YouTube and LinkedIn profiles eventually.e

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