Thursday, 8 December 2016

Amaechi: I call this the election of our lives

Rotimi Amaechi, minister of transportation, has described Saturday’s legislative rerun poll of Rivers state as “the election of our lives”.

Speaking at a mega rally of the All Progressives Congress (APC) at the Liberation Stadium in Port Harcourt
on Thursday, Amaechi said the era of asking the people not to fight was over.

He charged the people to turn out en masse, and he assured them of their safety.
“This is what we call the election of our lives. Before I used to tell you, ‘Please don’t fight’. Is that not what I used to tell you?” he asked.
 “But I think we will bend it a bit… I don’t want my church to stop me from taking holy communion. So, what I will tell you is don’t kill anybody, but do not be killed.

“Now let me explain why I said that. My friend in the army said if you hear the sound of a gun, it’s not meant for you. The implication therefore is that if you allow them shoot you, you will die. So, don’t allow them.

“It is not they alone who that have the right to life; you also have a right to life. I don’t want to hear ‘They shot me and took the result sheet’. If anybody takes the result sheet, take it back from him. You know I have never spoken like this before.”

He told the party supporters not to call him earlier than 6pm on the day of election because his phones would be off.
“The only time you can call me is after 6pm, and that is to tell me how we won,” he told the cheering supporters.

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