Wednesday, 7 December 2016

There Just Has To Be Punishment For Jungle Justice

Long story cut short, a young man made his way into the house of an elderly man and tried to abscond with a Nokia torch phone, #1,000 and a 'quarter-to-die' necklace. He was caught in the act and the people around
raised alarm.

A crowd soon gathered and the verbal insults degenerated to a few slaps. But quickly, it turned savage. Some young men who are fond of gathering at a deale'sr to smoke any 'brown powder' in any 'white wrap' soon abandoned their hobby to join the fiasco. The meagre slaps that were considered punishment enough until the police arrived were immediately considered insufficient by the new arrivals.

Soon, planks were up in the air and landed with unrestricted velocity on the suspect's body. These were followed by stones that kept increasing in size as each was thrown. Even the smoke-joint owner gladly offered up her wares for use to mete out 'justice' on the thief.

The few people that were appalled by the sudden aggravation of the beating had to move away from the scene and sought alternatives to secure the suspect from the reach of these 'murder-inclined' arms of the jungle law, while repeating warnings of the possible consequences to the 'beaters' should the suspect give up the ghost. But they were to far gone in their act to think otherwise. As Providence would have it, the police arrived and whisked the suspect away.

My opinion is this: I know some criminals can be inconsiderate, but for that reason, should we lose our human nature? Considering his crime, is it a commensurate punishment; beating him that way? Our laws may have failed and our country, gone awry, but how does that begin to explain deriving joy from seeing our own dying or justify venting our frustrations on our fellow human?

I've never really witnessed lynching in reality but as this is how close I came, I have to admit that it is not 'humans' but an inner 'demon' in human form that carries out such act because those fellows ceased to be understood at that point.

The Government should look into this; and draft a law to take care of 'jungle justice'. It rapes our existence of belief in being humane.

(The above incident happened in Afromedia Estate, Okokomaiko; an area in Ojo L.G.A. of Lagos)

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