Sunday, 4 June 2017

8th Synod of Nnewi Anglican Diocese opens with fresh promise of peace

The Bishop of Nnewi Anglican Diocese, Rt. Rev Godwin Okpala has prophesied peace upon Nigeria, stating that it is what the country needs to survive the hopelessness in the land.

Rt. Rev G.I.N. Okpala made this statement this afternoon at the Diocesan Central Church [DCC] Nkwo Nnewi, in Nnewi North Local Government Area of Anambra State, host of the 8th Synod of the Diocese.

Bishop Okpala who spoke to Newsburster shortly after the opening ceremony of the 8th Synod explained that the theme of this synod was divinely arranged as it coincided with the celebration of Pentecost Sunday when our lord Jesus sent the Holy Spirit on his believers.

'The outpouring of the Holy Spirit was the outpouring of the peace of God which passes all understanding.
That why this synod theme is unique, and significance, especially as the only panacea to the turbulent in the country today is the peace of God.

‘Nigeria is not moving fine, and the people are passing through difficult times; many homes are experiencing one form of crises or the other; the rate of insurgency in the country is alarming, hunger and starvation are alarmingly on the increase, and it appears hope is not in view.  

‘But the 8th  synod is telling us that we should not lose hope in God, because there must always be light at the end of the tunnel.

‘The same way Jesus stilled the storm is the same way he will restore peace and hope to the turbulent areas and situations in the country’, he stated.

Similarly, Rev Rowland Nnamdi Obikobe said that Nigeria is passing through a very tight situation, and the synod is calling on Nigerians to put their trust in God who can still the storm in their lives.

Rev Obikobe explained that synod is a particular period of time when the church sits down to look into the issues affecting the church, and reflect on way forward.

‘This 8th Synod will remove fear, crises, anger, and restore the confidence of people in God’, he said.
Sir Robinson Okwuosa  [Dikebeluibeya] of Otolo Nnewi said that synod is one of the major events that take place in Anglican communion, as it is a time for spiritual stock taking.

Sir Okwuosa explained that this synod among other things would facilitate the completion of the diocesean university, that is the Pentecost University, Ozubulu.

Prince Henry Osinike of Ebenezer Anglican Church, Umunnealam Umudim Nnewi said that synod is the greatest event in Anglican communion as it is the highest policy making platform where issues are sorted out and way forward are proffered.

Prince Osinike stated that this 8th Synod would provide the opportunity to brainstorm on many vital areas in the diocese, especially, the Pentecost University.

Further, Rev Samuel Chukwuemeka Okoye explained that he is looking forward to seeing the diocese taking decisions that would promote the welfare and the well-being of the widows in the diocese.

Rev okoye said that he has been close to widows through his HOPE FOR TODAY’S WIDOWS INT’L, a non-governmental organization in which he is the coordinator, and explained that he knew what they are passing through.

‘I will like the 8th synod to please have the widows in mind, and ensure that the peace which it promises will be targeted mostly to these class of people among us’, he said.

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  1. the synod should also look into the high cost of burial expenses imposed by the church, and the 3 months of sit-at-home mourning periods for widows. things are changing fast, and the church should be catalysts for positive changes in our society.


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