Thursday, 15 June 2017

Ohaneze Youths Deputy President says Igbo youths are industrious

‘Every human problem will always answer to dialogue, anytime and any day’. This was the statement made by the Deputy President, Ohaneze Youths Worldwide, Ambassador Arthur Obiora.                                    

Amb Obiora who spoke to Newsburster at the commercial city of Onitsha recently chided President Buhari for marginalizing the Igbos ever since he assumed office on May 29, 2015.

Describing the Igbo youths as a  people who are industrious, dogged, and ambitious, Obiora stated that the present executive of Ohaneze Youths have succeeded in unifying the Igbo youths across the country and in the Diaspora.

‘I have travelled across the globe and within the country sensitizing our youths that they are a people loved, favoured and blessed by God, and that they should be their brothers’ keepers.

‘The Igbo youths are not lazy, and they are good people. Our problem is the federal government who has consistently been treating us like outcasts.

Is it not Gowon who declared after the war that there was no victor and no vanquished. ‘Why are the Igbos being treated not just as the vanquished but also as the outcasts of Nigeria?’, he querried.

The Oba born youth leader proffered dialogue as the panacea to the lingering crises between Biafra and the federal government.

‘If former Presidents Yar’adua, and Jonathan could use dialogue to stop the agitation in the Niger Delta, and Osinbanjo has also used dialogue to minimize the insurgency in the North, why can’t Buhari use the same approach?

‘Or what is good for the goose, is it not good for the gander? The Igbos have suffered untold humiliations from Buhari , and the onus falls on him to stop marginalizing Ndi Igbo so that this agitation will stop.

Take a look at all his appointments; how many Igbos are service chiefs? How many Igbos are in his cabinets?’, he querried.   

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